Transparency Consent and Privacy Framework

TCPF is the Universal ID solution for non-authenticated traffic on the Internet.

Designed and developed by IAB Spain, several industry associations and private companies have shown interest in participating in the project.

The context

The online advertising industry can be divided between publishers that require full registration to post and access the content (Walled Gardens) and those who are not in a position for such a requirement (Open Web). Therefore, the Open Web traffic is massively non-authenticated.

Registration allows walled gardens to create unique identifiers based on socio-demo, interest and purchasing intention data. These IDs make life easier for brands and agencies to deliver targeted ads to the Walled Gardens’ massive audiences.

Publisher with limited or non-authenticated traffic must currently rely on 3rd party cookies (3PC) to propose to brands and agencies a similar level of targeting.

The announcement of Chrome, following similar decisions by Firefox and Safari, that 3PC will be phased out of the browser sometime in 2022 or when a viable alternative solution is in place, will force radical changes in the way the industry identifies users. New privacy-first ID solutions need to be proposed to the ecosystem to create audiences and deliver targeted ads.

How it works

TCPF is based on the TCF (Transparency and Consent Framework) of IAB Europe and the CMPs (Consent Management Platforms), which have been massively adopted amongst European publishers.

Using a specific purpose of the TCF, the user will grant consent for the generation of a Universal ID. Once consent is given, the user will be redirected to a central and neutral domain where a TCPFID will be generated in the form of a first-party cookie (1PC). Then, the user will be taken back to the local domain, where the TCPFID will be synchronized.

TCPFID will be unique amongst all the platform within TCPF.

Transparency portal

The central privacy portal, whose Data controller will be appointed shortly, will allow users to control and manage their privacy with information about the platforms and vendors that have access to the TCPFID, where the consent was granted and for how long. The user will be able to change any of the above data.


With TCPF, publishers in the online advertising industry will continue to monetize their inventory in an industry without 3PCs.

On the other hand, brands and agencies can operate with their user acquisition strategies and campaign measurement with the same guarantees as of today.

Tech vendors will be able to operate with a Universal ID that will allow them to operate in a privacy compliant efficient manner

TCPF, which is fully compliant with GDPR, is an Open source project which intends to cover its costs and whose profits will be reinvested in the industry.


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